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About Us

Who's Brendon Marley?

I'm just like you, a horny guy looking to fulfill his deepest and dirtiest fantasies. And if you really are like me one of your fantasies is to have sex with a young straight guy-someone who goes with women but who just this one time lets you suck his COCK!

It all started when I was in high school. Wayne R was my best friend. He had big blue eyes and a mop of blonde hair. He was shorter than me and wore his jeans real tight, scrunching up a big mound into an awesome bulge.

One night after fucking our girl friends side by side on my mother's bed, we found ourselves alone under the same sheet. He reached over to touch my cock, his hand jerked back in surprise when he found it already hard. He was just trying to compare sizes. "Sorry" I apologized and told him it was always that way before I fell asleep. I reached over next to ‘compare' with him. His huge slab of meat spasmed at my touch and grew to a thick rigid cock that was a fistful at the base and arched gracefully toward the head.

Wayne didn't let me do anything more than jack him off. But to this day I can't get the expression on his face out of my mind. Just as he was cumming he looked deep into my eyes with a look of pain and vulnerability and shot a thick torrent of straight boy cum up onto his belly.

Today my buddy Wayne is very happily married with three kids and we never repeated that experience – nor did we speak about it. But, ever since that day I've only wanted straight guys, the bigger and straighter the better – I was hooked for life.

The videos on this site are a result of this straight guy addiction. What you will see is all 100% authentic – nothing is faked. I pick up real straight guys – some are real hot – surfers, skaters, bodybuilders, but most are just regular guys, the video store clerk, office worker, bus driver, toll taker, manager, student, etc, just like you and me.

I don't hire "models" or porn stars (except for female bait), I don't stop and pose the guys for photos because the action is real. How am I supposed to ask some straight guy getting his dick sucked by another dude for the first time to pose for the cameras??? And anyway, we've all seen those annoying videos where all you hear is click, click, click, with flashes going off when you're trying to pump out a load in unison with the guy on the screen.So, instead of glossy professional photos I use captures directly from the video to display on the site.

I also try and light the scenes with mostly natural light unless I'm in my tiny studio and the guy knows he's there to be filmed. In some cases where I pull the camera out at the last minute in fear of scaring the guy away - I have to rely on the room lighting. I've even done underground videos where I had to sneak cameras into dark video arcades and other locations and used a small portable light to catch the action. What won't I do to suck some real straight guy dick!

So, if you're looking for slick photos, professionally edited video and pretty boy, iron pumping "straight" (yeah right) models kissing and fucking – you're in the wrong place (you already know where to find those). But, if you're into nasty, raunchy, action and want to see real, first time, straight guys who you won't see on other sites, getting their dicks sucked, asses rimmed and blowing their loads into my guzzling mouth (and even fucking me) – you have arrived at the right place!

For better or for worse, Like-em-Straight.com is a true documentary of my REAL sex life and I'm happy to share all my conquests with you.

I hope you enjoy watching

–Brendon Marley

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